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Hello And Welcome Distant Vistas Photography

Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy my Galleries

I'm Mike Morrison and have over 45 years of experience shooting with various film formats and digital cameras. Retired from the US Forest Service where I worked professionally in natural resource management, image processing, statistical classification of digital and satellite imagery, and was the national program leader for training and technology awareness in Remote Sensing.  

I have a passion for Landscape / Nature photography and also spend a lot of time producing and printing large Fine Art Landscape photos. Seems like I get a lot of printing requests and it consumes more time than I wish to spend, so I launched this web site to make professional lab prints and digital downloads available to you. I have set up a Fine Art Prints Library to help reduce time going through all the Galleries for a print selection.  You can also just click on the BUY button to see your options, when viewing an image.

Currently using Nikon DSLR's but also used the Sigma SD10 (Foveon Sensor) for about 3 years. Foveon has used some of my images as examples of the sensor technology and has also used my imagery in articles regarding the 3 layer sensor. The latest book to include my imagery is "Redrock Almanac - Canyon Country Vignettes" ISBN 1555663958 where I have the Cover photo and full spread photo for the Table of Contents.

If you have any questions about a particular photo, just click on the Menu Bar - Contact Me and ask away !

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